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Right Hand Drive (RHD) Conversion Kit

As you can tell by these pictures, our kits are designed and tested for the exact vehicle that they are to be installed in. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have a universal kit that you try to “make fit” in your vehicle. With our kits there is no welding, bending and force fitting. We do not use bicycle chains, cables or hydraulics that often fail or need replacement. We believe this provides rural carriers with the safest, most reliable RHD Conversion Vehicle available.

Everything in our kit is guaranteed for life to the original owner. Our kits are basically maintenance free. We have custom Mail Trays for all of the vehicles that we convert, as well as Factory RHD Wranglers, Cherokees and Subaru models. Call us today for immediate shipment.

Click on photos below to enlarge.

Honda CR-V Conversion
with Custom Mail Tray

Ford Ranger Conversion
Scion XB

Minivan Conversions

Ford Windstar Minivan Conversion Kit Chrysler Minivan Conversion
with custom Mail Tray

With over 100 cubic feet of cargo room, the Minivan may be the answer to large volume mail routes. Some Chrysler vans are also available in AWD (all-wheel-drive).

Check the conversion sheet for our minivan coverage.

Now Available!

Ford Transit Connect & the KIA Soul

"Flip Window" and "Mail Tray"

Please call toll free at 1-800-949-5587 to discuss all the right hand drive conversion options and accessories available for these vehicles.

Ford Transit Connect

Look at all this room!

Look at all this room!

Another very happy customer.

KIA Soul

Look at all this room!

Fold down those seats for way more room!

Want to save BIG on gas?

The Kia Sportage may be your answer.

Kia Sportage Conversion
with custom Mail Tray


The Kia Sportage offers excellent mileage with 65 cubic feet of cargo room. It is available in 4WD and 2WD and even a convertible model.

RHD for Subaru Forest,  
Legacy & Outback


Do you want a RHD Subaru? We now have a RHD kit for the Subaru Forester, Legacy and Outback.

A perfect fit mail tray and you are route ready. Just add the mail!

Also available are our seat setback kits for the taller carriers that need additional leg room.

Don’t see your vehicle? Call us, we may be able to help. Other products are available for Factory RHD Vehicles also, call for information.

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